Delia's Daycare

In-Home Childcare – Family Operated
Bi-lingual – Play-based Learning Experience

Delia’s Daycare is an in-home daycare service located in Fairfax, Virginia.
Delia’s Daycare caters to infants and children between ages 2-months and 5-years; and represents the expression of a lifetime in early childhood development.

Our Philosophy

Delia’s Daycare believes that each child is unique and is blessed with special interests, abilities and feelings. Through the implementation of activities structured around engaging the senses, our staff works to create a caring bond with each child by providing a safe space in which to explore the world around us, while learning about self; and the diverse characters and rich cultures that exist in our community.

Delia’s Daycare also believes that exposure to a wide range of experiences and people from different cultures encourages children to develop a positive attitude and sense of self; and teaches them the value of caring about other people.



Art workshops will allow students to explore various mediums and styles.

Health & Nutrition

Learning about taking care of our bodies and which foods are good for us can be fun if introduced through art, song, dance, and sensory activities.



Delia’s Daycare has a vast library of age appropriate books that promote early literacy.



Students will learn to recognize and write numbers, and count in English and Spanish.

Music & Movement

Children will be encouraged to sing, dance and move to music and videos.

Nature & Science

Students will learn about nature and the environment by participating in activities such as gardening and recycling.


Our Community

Using models, toys, drawings and pictures of scenery, students will learn about the day to day activities that take place in the world in which we live.


Sensory & Motor Skills

Children will explore the 5-senses using different age appropriate mediums, materials, and activities.